Survivors Testimonials of
Remote Mind Control Attacks
Who have approached Project Freedom


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George Farquhar
Alex Farquhar
Marina L. Findlay
Barbara Hartwell
Martin C. Mack
Thierry Mouton
Robert Naeslund
Mickie Poirier Val des Monts,
John Walsh
Aleksander Zielinski


George Farquhar

Scottish Survivor of Remote Mind Control,

I believe I have been remotely monitored by the intelligence agencies "Mind Control Police" since 1984. Microwave radiation attacks and Remote Mind Control Experiments started in 1997 while in Canada and have continued in Europe. I have also experienced : police burglaries, police and "black" helicopter harassment's, and continual police surveillance since 1994. Last year in 1998 I decided to dedicate my life to exposing the Mind Control Police. Since then, members of my family are now being subjected to police harassment's and Psychotronic attacks.

I have opened a website, Project Freedom, toward the expose' of Remote Mind Control Weapons used by the police hierarchy and intelligence agencies against society.

A successful protest took place at the House of Commons, London on 19th October 1999, regarding this atrocity of human rights abuse.

A followup protest took place at the Echelon NSA Mind Control Centre, Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, England. This will take place on Saturday 4th March 2000.

Alex Farquhar

Scottish Survivor of Remote Mind Control, living in Australia

The following letters are correspondense between my brother Alex Farquhar and myself. Alex wrongly believes his electromagnetic harrassment and attempted murder by the Australian Mind Control Police over the past two years is due to the fact that I left Australia 8 years ago as a fugitive.

Corresondense between George and Alex Farquhar

Marina L. Findlay

A Scottish Survivor of Remote Electronic Tortures

My story concerns torture, experimentation, assault and conditioning by the use of electromagnetic remote control of mind and body technology. I first became aware of being targeted by the Secret Services with telemetric computer controlled weaponry about 3 years ago.

I was campaigning to protect an ancient oakwood in my area from commercial felling. I was quite outspoken in the media, got the backing of the local council and community and was being very critical of the Forestry Authority and the Scottish Natural Heritage in articles I was writing. Around this time I discovered that many remnants of our countries native wildwood were destroyed to provide oak timber for the rebuilding of Windsor Castle. These forests merited protection by European conservation legislation and their clearance was entirely illegal.

Marina's story can be found here

Barbabra Hartwell

Legal Defense and Research Fund
(For the Protection of Constitutional and Human Rights)

I am writing this letter as a safety measure because my life is under serious threat. A document such as this is known as a "security letter". It is designed to provide information about my situation to as many people as possible. The more public this information becomes, the safer I will be, at least in theory. This is the second such letter I have written; the first was dated January 4, 1999. The purpose of this letter is not limited to protecting my own safety. In truth, my own situation cannot be separated from issues which are of such magnitude as to affect every citizen of this country. All I ask is that you read this letter with an open mind, and using your own discernment, draw your own conclusions.

Barbara's story can be found here

Martin C. Mack

American Survivor of Remote Electronic Tortures

Upon checking into a hotel, Martin C. Mack found that the tenants next to him were doing remote electronic torture experiments, and picked him as a guinea pig. He moved, but the tortures have followed him.

Martin experiences a lot of bodily tortures, plus exquisite reading of his subvocalizations. He has managed, through the tortures, to compile a summary and technical description of his experiences.

Martin does not have an Internet connection, and so requests correspondence through the following address:

Martin C. Mack
2008 Westlake Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121

206-340-0410 (please leave a message)



Thierry Mouton

Spanish Survivor of Remote Electronic Tortures

In the late sixties, my biological mother had a boyfriend who was a U.S. officer at the air force base in Torrejon, Madrid. It was a time when the "cold war" paranoia was at high rates and the "Moscow Signal" dark episode at the US embassy was quite recent. Meanwhile, in Spain there were times of crude external repression from the Franco's fascist regime, and my mother was a clandestine socialist activist at the Political Sciences faculty (University of Madrid). So we have that explosive combination, of a "red" student going in and out from a US/CIA compound with an American officer during the so-called cold war era in a old fashioned fascist regime... And finally, she left the military man and married my biological father short before the end of that decade. The story continues


Robert Naeslund

Swedish Brain Transmitter Implantation Survivor

"Luckily" (for his credibility), Robert Naeslund has actual proof of being implanted with brain transmitters by the CIA and Swedish authorities.

Click here to read his story and doctor's report, including a description of bio-medical telemetry, a wireless connection between a person's mind and a remote computer (usually without the subject's consent). The address for R.N. is old - his present one is below.

This page shows medical photos of the implants.

Literature Available from Robert Naeslund

Robert Naeslund distributes a wealth of mind control documentation from:

Mediaecco & Contact Network International
Organization for Political Research
Box 136
114  79  Stockholm



Mickie Poirier Val des Monts,

Quebec, Canada

I'm making it public that as the attacks continue, and if my body is found dead, it will be a case of cold-blooded murder. If disabled, or made into a mental vegetable: a case of assault with intent to maim. The electro-technological attacks deliberately create physical conditions that mimic common ailments, including those of tissue destruction, targetting vascular, digestive, and respiratory systems and internal vital organs. Assault is a criminal offense. Murder is murder, whether the murder weapon is identified or not and whether the murderer is identified or not. I have already reported the attacks to law-enforcement agencies. Much as I have worked to obtain public awareness of what is going on, and sought help and support from those mandated by legislation and policy to provide it, none has been received.

Mickie's story can be found here

John Walsh

Irish Born Psychotronics Survivor

John walsh has been, living in England for the past forty four years. In his story he has been psychotronically attacked and under constant police surveillance via Freemasons vendetta for the last four years. He has complained numerous times to a number of members of parliament and other government bodies with no genuine or positive response to his continuing dilemma.

Web site:

E-mail for John Walsh:



Aleksander Zielinski

Polish Australian Psychotronics and Torture
Programming Survivor

Aleksander Zielinski sent his story of mind control extremes. Not only has Aleksander been subjected to the typical electromagnetic remote-control tortures, but he was actually convinced to emmigrate from his native Poland to a den of secret torture agents in Australia.

Drugged and severely beaten to augment the electronic mind control, Aleksander's personal and family lives were ruined. He is engineered to not be able to keep a job, the typical treatment.

At the story's end, Aleksander says:

I wish to everyone who has lasted long enough to read this, all luck in searching for just normal life. When we will get the right to that, the most important battle of Humankind will have been won.

Aleksander has founded a mind control web site in Polish and English - Kontroli Umyslu.

You can email Aleksander Zielinski's at

Aleksander Zielinski
8/115 Hubert St
East Victoria Park 6101
Western Australia